Our philosophy

Our lifestyle

  • We evolve when we adapt to our own environment, making use of the information obtained through experience and deductive learning.

  • It’s time to evolve in order to access a more healthy, compassionate and responsible lifestyle

For our health

  • A plant-based diet and exercise will contribute significantly to reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

  • Let's live for longer, without diseases.

  • Let's live better!


  • We can live eating nutritiously and deliciously without exploiting and sacrificing animals’ lives

  • Let's avoid the yearly death of 60 billion animals caused by human consumption: chickens, cows, pigs, ducks, goats, etc. and another 70 billion fish.

  • Let's be compassionate ... let's live better!


  • 90% of global deforestation is due to the need for new grasslands and spaces for the monoculture of grains, essential for livestock feed.

  • On average, 15 times more natural resources are required to produce 1 kilogram of animal feed than one vegetable.

  • 50% of the grains that are produced in the world are used to feed the animals that we will eat later.

  • These grains are enough to feed the world population in a state of malnutrition for five years.

  • Let's live healthier, in harmony with our environment ... let's live better!