About Us

Our mission consists on minimizing our impact in our eating habits which leads to a better living.

Changing your eating habits around an environment that doesn’t offer a variety of delicious and accesible alternatives, its difficult. This is a reality Costa Rica faces, and Mundo Vegano (Vegan World) surges to offer a solution for this necessity.

In the Vegan World, there are plenty of substitutes for all of this “indispensable” elements of a costarrican diet. Delicious, nutritious, cholesterol free, 100 % plant-based and some of them gluten free.

Mundo Vegano allows you to forget about animal-based products easily, without compromising taste.

We will facilitate the transition to a better life.

The companies which we work with are completely and responsibly compromised with society and the environment.

We believe that its best that the products we work with, have a small ecological and social impact, which is why we choose to work with B Corporations. This means they produce their own energy, compromise with composting, also assure that their products are organic, and their ingredients are bought under fair-trade. Another reason to love our products!